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Here are 3 female celebrities involved in NFTs, to inspire young girls to do the same. Opinion.

There may be a lot of young Woman out there who feel unmotivated to enter the Crypto Currency space, because of the belief that Woman usually get married and take care of their families, not work in science and technology. However these days there are in fact a lot of successful woman in the NFT space right now. Here are three of them that should be used as examples to inspire young Woman to get involved in Crypto Currency.

Madonna :

Madonna recently launched her own set of NFTs which is already sold out with Zero promotion. She is also performing in a show which is being hosted by World of Women. An art collective dedicated to improving the visibility of female artists in the nonfungible token space.

Paris Hilton :

Paris Hilton has declared herself the Queen of the Meta verse. She also recently hosted a mainstage panel with fellow NFT Promotor Gary Vaynerchuk.

Paris Hilton is also Joining a new podcast project from iHeartMedia. It's called prop culture and it will be out of the media companies recently announced NFT hosted Network, the Non-Fun Squad And Non-Fun Podcast Network.

Bella Hadid :

Bella Hadid has also launched her own NFT line in partnership with rebase. She has released a huge range of art pieces called "CY-B3LLA". These artworks would be sold and possibly become collectibles for some of her biggest fans.

My Opinion :

I do hope that these Woman serve as an inspiration to other young girls, to break the cycle of them becoming housewives and instead propel them to the top of the NFT and Crypto Currency fields

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more Crypto Currency news as it happens

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