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Lesson From The Somalian Way Of Running A Successful Business.(Tuck Shop)

To those who don't know what a spaza shop is let me explain first. A spaza shop, also known as a tuck shop, is an informal convenience shop business in South Africa, usually run from home. They also serve the purpose of supplementing household incomes of the owners, selling small everyday household items.

Most spaza shops in South Africa's Townships are being run by Somalians & Ethiopians. Strangely, they don't own these shops but rent them from South Africans who have failed to run them or simply opted to rent them out.

Here are the 4 lessons why they run them so successfully.

16 HOURS SERVICE: Most of Somalians spaza shops open at 06h00 and close at 22h00. A customer has confidence that no matter how early or late he goes to a Somali owned spaza shop, he/she will find it open.

DAILY STOCKING: Instead of waiting for stock to finish, they stock daily. This makes their spaza shop full and attractive at all times. When you walk in a Somali spaza shop at any time, you are likely to find what you are looking for.

CUSTOMERS SERVICE: Somalians treat their customers fairly. They will go as far as giving their loyal customers discounts or allow them to buy on credits.

COST-CUTTING MEASURES: Their homes are not far away from the shops. Some stay right at the shops. This helps them to open early and close late. When going for daily orders, some use cars while others use public transport.

Here's What Makes A Business Successful.

-Most successful businesses know how to optimize the resources available to them and are customer-focused.

-Successful businesses also have the organizational capability to support critical business objectives.

-Successful businesses are also flexible, know how to set goals that are feasible, support critical business and are authentic, among other things.

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