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BREAKING: Tesla has officially reached a $1 Trillion market cap, becoming only the 6th US company

Thank you to everyone at Tesla for being so mission driven and pursuing your objectives with innovation and efficiency! You are changing our lives for the better while saving humanity.

4680, energy storage, FSD, robotaxi, insurance, Berlin, Texas, and the Bot. Tesla‘s journey has just begun.

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook - please welcome Tesla to your coveted “worth over a trillion” club!! Thank you elonmusk for all your ideas & whims that put this into place! Who would’ve thunk? Oh wait - Elon did! lol. Sky’s the limit Tesla.

However I watch business news and I research everything I own. Tesla batteries aren’t recyclable and never have been. There’s start ups trying to come to market that recycle ev batteries but that’s not a reality as of this day. You Capping’ for Tesla like you own tesla stock. Junk

I get it. It’s easier to say things that are untrue about something you lack knowledge of instead of actually reading and learning about it. If you honestly believe that iPhone batteries get recycled and Tesla batteries don’t, then you can’t be helped. Have a good one.

"All cars exiting the factory have hardware necessary for level 5 autonomy but turns out this is a remarkably hard problem. I stole the idea from Spaceballs."

This is not only about $4B revenue—it is about millions of customers getting chance to get first hand experience driving Tesla cars, free advertisements, demands for super charging stations (probably in all hertz stations), and may be FSD.

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