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Did You Know: SA Gov Owns 15.3% Of Pick N Pay, Here's How

As everyone probably knows by now, the South African government has many SOEs and some you probably don't know about, which is understandable because they aren't popular like ESKOM or Transnet. 

One of those "not so popular" SOEs of the South Africa government includes the Public Investment Corporation(PIC) and as the name says, its an investment company of the government which has investments in multiple industries including banking, finance, mining, food, cosmetics, hospital and so many other industries. 

One of the popular companies that the PIC owns a percentage stake in is none other than our favorite food retailer giant, Pick and Pay, see the image below:

As y'all can see, the PIC isn't the only one that owns a percentage stake in Pick and Pay, the largest shareholders are obviously the Akerman Family followed by the PIC the the rest of the other popular companies. 

So far the PIC seems to be one of the fewest SOEs left that haven't been corrupted by the ANC cadres but I'm not surprised at all, because they know nothing about finance nor investing. All they know is how to destroy what others have built. 



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