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Here's how a Gauteng man lost 34 Million, and how you can avoid being scammed. Opinion.

A Gauteng man has lost thirty four million rand in a Crypto Currency scam. The man had been lured to invest in Siyakhula Logistics in February of 2020 after being promised lucrative dividends.

The man was allegedly supposed to enter into a partnership in a Crypto Currency Establishment, However the money was used for something else without his consent.

Two people were arrested and eventually granted bail as the case was postponed until 19 July this year. While we wait for it to continue, there are a couple of things that South Africans may need to learn from this situation. Whether you have millions of rand's or just a little bit of money.

Important tips to avoid scammers like this :

While this man has lost thirty four million, Crypto Currency scammers will go after anyone, even if you have just a couple of hundreds of rands to your name.

They can do this by contacting you online or putting out post or advertisements to get your attention. Once they have contacted you they may offer you a quick or large profit just to invest with them. Don't fall for it.

The most likely way that situation will end is with them running away with you money. Instead avoid them at all costs by actively ignoring their emails and messages. If they continue to contact you, tell them you are not interest or that you do not have any money to invest.

Other Crypto Currency scammers may take a more aggressive path and try to threaten or Blackmail you, however even in these cases ignore them and than report them immediately. They don't have the power over you that they claim to and they cannot harm you.

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