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Eskom Being Unreasonable With Increase?

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has approved a 9.6% tariff increase for Eskom. In a presentation on Thursday (24 February), the national energy regulator's chairperson Nhlanhla Gumede said this figure constitutes a 3.49% increase for the 2022/23 year, alongside legacy costs from previous years.

According to Valei's data compiled June 2021, South Africa's average electricity price is R2.588 per kwh, this is about 45c more than the global average of R2.109 per kWh and this means that for every R200 paid for electricity, you will get 137.75 units and with winter approaching, the usage of electricity will be higher than usual. 

Winter equals higher electricity usage due to space and additional hyper heating which leads to higher bills, and with covid-19 restrictions making sure more people are at home than out, the bills will be even more higher resulting with more usage from the grid and possibility of load shedding.

Instead of the Minister of Energy addressing how they plan to end load shedding, they increased the tariff and this means that the more you buy the better the units and the little you buy, the less the unit.

Is SA government neglecting Eskom too much? Is Eskom behaving this way because it is the sole entity Provider of electricity in South African?

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