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See what the police did to someone's cannabis plants!

When a new law is passed people may sometimes skip the important details and end up doing the wrong thing as a result.

 A picture of the Metro police in someone’s field brought up a lot of questions. The smoking and growing of marijuana in South Africa was legalised only if it for personal use. Therefore I it is for personal use there is a certain amount that one can grow.

 One shrub of cannabis can grow into a big bush and might actually be enough for personal use. However for one to be able to grow on a large scale then they need to have a licence for it.

 If one doesn’t have a licence for cannabis farming and you are growing a t a large scale one can actually be persecuted for it. The owner of this flied seemed to be growing it at a large scale but did not have the licence.

 This is why the police confiscated it and took it in their van for evidence purpose.

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