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OPINION| Since ED came into office he has been on a borrowing spree

Since ED came into office he has been on a borrowing spree, all these major infrastructure projects he has embarked on are done through loans, government debt is piling up to dangerous levels and its very scary cdes. The objective behind these projects is to out money in their pockets through tenders and commission

ED should seat down and see how many billions has he borrowed since coming into office, from the construction of the new parliament building, MZWP, Beitbridge renovations, Mbudzi interchange, IMF loan etc. ED is a very dangerous president, if he wins the second term by the time he leaves government debt will uncontrollably and impossible to service. 

Some thing needs to be done cdes, I wonder why our government is allowed to borrow without the approval of parliament, as of now we do not know how the loan from IMF was used but we saw a big gift to the permanent secretary in ministry from Tagwirei

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