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R100 Million Fortune| See Inside late Ginimbi Expensive House (photos)

Ginimbi is a well-known name on the African continent. The well-known Harare businessman has generated news for a number of reasons throughout the majority of his career. He is the CEO and creator of Pioneer Gases, a gas firm based in Johannesburg that operates in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Many people are drawn to him because of his wealth, expensive lifestyle, and colorful autos. Who exactly is Ginimbi

The outspoken and flamboyant Zimbabwean celebrity just lost his beloved mother in January. His official Twitter account was utilized to inform the public of the tragic news. His ordeal was a turning point in his life. This came after his brother, Andrew Chinamora, died last year at the age of 28, leaving him without a family. 

The successful businessman was born on October 10, 1984, in the heart of Domboshava, to a family of four. He has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. His mother and one of his brothers died not long ago. According to some reports, he began engaging in little commercial transactions when he was just 17 years old. He subsequently got into the business of distributing gas for home usage, acting as a middleman. 

Fortunately, a friend who worked at the Angolan Airways offices assisted him in obtaining his first job. His principal concentration became the sale of gas to a large number of consumers, and he quickly got wealthy as a consequence of his efforts. Within a year of starting his firm, he bought a car, and within two years, he bought a Mercedes Benz S Class. He then formed Pioneer Gases, which is now a division of the Piko Trading Group. Among other markets, the corporation distributes natural gas to the industrial, commercial, retail, and public sectors.

He then bought Quick Gases in Botswana, where he is the sole shareholder. He is also involved in Rivonia Gases and City Centre Freight, among other companies. The umbrella company for these firms is PIKO Trading Group, in which he owns a significant position. 

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According to the charges, the businessman owed R340,000 to Mutumwa Mawere, a businessman based in South Africa. This came after the two had a falling out and exchanged harsh words on social media. 

His company, PIKO Trading Limited, has also been accused of making fraudulent claims about its sales data. They are accused of making false payments to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority between 2009 and 2016, and the fraud is likely to have taken place between 2009 and 2016. 

Webster Chinamora, a High Court judge, recently ordered a wealthy businessman to pay an additional $58,000 duty for one of his recently purchased Bentley Continental GTs, which he is suspected of overvaluing. 

Ginimbi's wife was formerly rumored to be Zodwa Mkandla. There are no records proving the couple's marriage. According to Ginimbi, who disclosed that they were no longer together in 2018, they have remained wonderful business partners. 

Despite Wicknell's claim that the two were not dating, he was linked to V-Candy the following year. V-Candy, on the other hand, vehemently denied being romantically engaged with the business magnate. 

Ginimbi 2020 Forbes' net worth is unknown at this moment, however it is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ginimbi's income is said to be the result of his various prosperous businesses, notably Pioneer Gases, which provides natural gas to the general public as well as the industrial, commercial, and retail sectors.

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