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Brace yourself as loadshedding will be implemented from 9pm on Saturday

Loadshedding continues to be implemented in the middle of summer. There must really be something that we are missing from all this equation because now this no longer makes sense. When we approached winter season, it was the only time that we get worried that we are going to have power cuts, but as we approach summer, that load will lower down. But it seems like that is no longer the case.

Eskom has yet again decided to implement loadshedding for this weekend starting on Saturday 9pm and it will last until Monday 05:00. The loadshedding is as a results of failure of generation unit each at Kusike, Medupi and Arnot power stations. There has also been a delay in a unit returning to service at Tutuka power station.

We really need to get answers as to what is happening with this power stations because in most cases, it seems like we are always having problems with the same power stations. Kusile and Medupi power stations are always at the center of the country having loadshedding. Eskom need to establish what is going on at these power station so that they can attend to the matter because at the rate things are going, south Africans can no longer afford this.

We are trying to grow the economy in the country and we know that small businesses is the way to go about it, but they will not survive for much longer if Eskom continues like this.

It is really a shame what Eskom has been reduced to. Eskom is not reliable what so ever.

Customers are urged to use electricity wisely and reduce the usage by switching non essential items in order to help Eskom through this constrains. This has been Eskom song for the past few years and it is starting to become unpopular for most people.

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