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SASSA: Bad news for SRD R350 grant beneficiaries as new information comes out & this was unexpected.

A monthly salary of no more than R350 is required to be eligible for the SRD prize, according to the revised requirements. The new parameters for the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD)/R350 award have been pounded by civil rights organizations.

The revised criteria have reduced the salary threshold for the R350 award from R595 to R350, which is lower than the previous ceiling of R595 under the National State of Disaster. An agreement between the SRD award and the National State of Disaster came to an end in April 2022. Since Ramaphosa announced the enlargement, the Department of Social Development has been working with a mechanism for the distribution of the award.

"In February 2022, the Department set out guidelines for public comment and has already completed the process. Announcing the guideline in a public authority journal notice 2042 of 2022 on April 22nd was the final step.

From the month in which the application is submitted, candidates will be assessed for the SASSA R350 award and it will be approved consistently. It follows, then, that all applications that were pending as of April 2022 will be taken into consideration.

#PayTheGrants crusade member Shaeera Kalla said new criteria will push a big number of people below the poverty line in terms of food. "Individuals who have more than R350 in their bank accounts will not be eligible for financial aid from the government. This is the most critical problem we face.

As a result, only a fraction of the people who need assistance are receiving it. "Another issue is that April installments were not made; the new guidelines express that if you don't make a difference by the fifteenth of that month you won't be considered."

According to Kalla, what happened in KZN is again another indication of how frantic people are around the country, but especially in KZN.

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