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A warning issued to businesses by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe reportedly advised the public that the ZW$5 notes is still legal tender .The Central Bank also warned businesses against rejecting the ZW$5 notes as it is still legal tender.

It was highlighted that all the bank notes that are printed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe are legal and nobody has the power to reject the money.

It is highlighted that the Financial Intelligence Unit is currently conducting investigations regarding some retailers that are alleged to be rejecting accepting payment, which is an illegal act.The act was condemned by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and describes as a criminal offence.

The members of the public have been advised to report any incidences they encounter from traders who try to reject the ZW$5 notes.

The bank advised that such a conduct will not be tolerated and urged all the traders to conduct their business properly . There is going to be ZW$50 notes that will be printed and introduced by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

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