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Covid-19| Artists received over R600 million in relief funds. See why

Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa announced that his department over spent its initially covid-19 relief budget by more than 352 million. The council was tasked to issue out 285 million towards artists affected by the pandemic, however they exceeded that by using R637 million.


It's worrisome being an unemployed youth in South Africa because just like many countries the Covid-19 pandemic has crippled our economy coupled with a high unemployment rate. Many unemployed people felt hopeful when the government introduced the Special Relief Covid-19 grant last year which was meant to alleviate some of the pressure. However, things have just seemed to be worsening for most instead of getting better. The government have failed to pay a lot of people the R350 because of many reasons varying from being UIF registered, to owing the department and so the list goes on.

Artists like DJ Shimza are a few on the list who have benefited from the R637 million that the Arts and Culture department has paid out. How does this happen you ask? Well you guessed it, there have been a number of officials who have been caught participating in corrupt activity and it's been brought to the minister's attention only now. Minister Mthethwa had this to say “ We will get to the bottom of this, and those who are found on the wrong side of this will face the full might of justice, and we are re-iterating that without any fear or favour. We are against and will fight all the time any mismanagement of government funds, especially because of the difficult economic climate we find.”ourselves in,". So do you believe he will get you to the bottom of this?

It's disheartening to know that the youth, as the future of the country are being treated so badly. It's been year's now and things just keep getting worse and change is needed.

How do you feel about this situation?

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