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Opinion: Sassa should increase the R350 grant

since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, the impact of poverty and jobless in the country have taken a turn, those who were protected by their jobs are now affected as many people have lost their jobs this is a big concern for the government to see such a number of people being jobless.

This affects vthe economy bin a negative way and also the image of the country is getting affected it is also when the economy shows strength and also having positive results that investors get excited about investing in south Africa.

The Rand remains to be stable in this horrible conditions,the economy also had a chance to gave a growth potential of 1.1%, it is definitely not only South Africa that is suffering with the increase of poverty and jobless.

Many have mentioned they thr SRD grant should increase to atleast R1500 per month but this measure will cost the government more money it will definitely put the government into more debt, this is because the government find it hard even now to be able to cover the unemployed people with the R350 grant, increasing the R350 will definitely be the option for the government to implement.

The only option that the government will see as the solution is to make more people to qualify for the grant, this measure will remain to be active for the government rather than the increase of the SRD grant.

Increasing for a further amount of the grant might also limit the number of the people who must qualify for the grant as in now noone I'd limited aslong as you are unemployed with no source of income you can apply and be able to receive the grant.

But It is not easy to track the genuine application of the grant as many people who are employed by the government take chances to apply for the grant which affects the once's who must read recieve the grant.

Being more strict with the grant might solve the situation before implementing the basic income grant that the unemployment people hope for.

If the social security agency increase the grant to a further amount it will also help the most of the people.


Source: News24

Content created and supplied by: JuniorJRMadonsela (via Opera News )

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