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Eskom Has Ramped Up The Power Cuts To Stage 4.

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom will carry out stage four power cuts from 11am on Friday.

In a proclamation, the power utility expressed that because of the continuous unprotected work activity, it was constrained to make a move to preserve crisis age saves.

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A portion of its workers are on an unprotected strike over compensations, after exchanges halted recently.

The utility said that was important to help crisis age stores to respond to unanticipated conditions as well as to recharge crisis stores to plan for the end of the week. It said that this would "assist fill the age shortfall while managing creating units that might trip in the midst of the aggravations and make up for the powerlessness to return producing units luckily to support".

Eskom said that the stage four power cuts would begin at 11am until late on Friday and go on from 5am on Saturday and Sunday and go on until late on the two days.

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