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Capitec customers allegedly greeted by ZERO BALANCE as the bank gets back online

Capitec clients have only been able to conduct transactions with their bank cards for the past 24 hours, as all of its banking channels have been completely unavailable. After struggling for two days to keep its customers online, Capitec Bank has announced some good news. "All of our banking channels are now operational. We appreciate our customers' patience and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience "The bank announced the news via Twitter. The central servers that support Capitec Bank's banking channels were experiencing an infrastructure issue, according to the bank.

For some, the news is not reassuring but frightening, as they claim their money is not reflecting. Some customers claim that when they finally logged in, their accounts were empty. "Where are our funds, Mr. Capetic? Why is the value 0.00? This is laughable. If your IT department cannot resolve this issue, dismiss them immediately "A Twitter user issued a warning. Some people are troubled by "internal transfers" they know nothing about.

Listed below are some of the inquiries that Capitec customers are currently posing to the bank:

@LoveUnityJoy @CapitecBankSA Thank you! What about the declined transactions for which you still deducted funds and sent an SMS notification?

Twitter: @Evelong @CapitecBankSA Thursday, April 8th, money was sent to my account from a different bank, but it has yet to appear. Is this a result of the technical issue you encountered?

@TiffTom But some of the card payments I made on Thursday were declined, whereas today they reflect that they have been processed. Oh, what a bank you are!

Others are irritated by payments not reflecting on their accounts. "How long until payments made to our accounts during this period of inaccessibility are reflected? A client created a POP on Wednesday evening. It still does not reflect. This entire situation has impacted my SLAs with clients. Please inform us when we can anticipate interbank transfers to be reflected "Another tweep was enraged.

In the meantime, some customers intend to terminate their relationship with the bank. "Anyway, Capitec has been offline for 48 hours. Before history repeats itself, I must establish a secondary account with Capitec and search for a new primary bank. Who am I to join? ", a consumer considered.

I can only hope that Capitec has learned useful lessons from this fiasco. Double or triple the strength of your weaknesses. Perform a complete review of your backbone infrastructure and make any necessary adjustments. You have the most customers, but are inactive for nearly 48 hours. This is inadmissible!

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