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Good news for Sassa receivers October and September

SASSA's most recent reports on payday and installment for September and October. 


*UPDATE* Sassa R350 paydate and portions 

Our cutoff time to manage more than 8.3 million R350 applications due for portion this week has been a victory. Accordingly, more than 85% of upheld competitors will get pay dates as the structure is revived consistently. We are not dedicated to work over closures of the week, yet we set up a plan to remain at work longer than needed to revive the circumstance with productive up-and-comers, and it started on Sunday, October 10th 2021, to reflect the pay dates. 

There will be a gigantic number of people going to the Post Office from the thirteenth Oct 2021. We wish to urge people to really investigate their status before proceeding to the Post Office. The PAYMENT SCHEDULE for portion at the Post Office will be recorded on our Official Platform. 

Your agreement and perception is esteemed. Stay safe. 

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