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Nigerians Doing Business in KemptonPark are Allegedly Frustrated, They now Sit Outside Doing Nothing

The South African authority is gradually ending the days of exploitation in the country. This can be seen in the number of operations aimed at dislodging unqualified individuals from the Informal trading sector.

The operation to dislodge unauthorized informal traders from South Africa started in Johannesburg few weeks ago in De Villiers Road and surrounding streets. The operation has yielded positive result as Police in collaboration with Johannesburg officials invaded the affected areas and forcefully push the informal traders out.

In a recent development, Information reaching us reveal that Nigerians doing Informal trading business in Kempton Park, East Rand are finding it difficult due to the activities of local authorities to coordinate informal businesses in the area.

East Rand authorities are working to replicate the same operation which took place in Johannesburg in their city and it had already affected many business owners.

Nigerians affected by the government action are currently sitting helplessly on pavements and hoping that things will change for them to return back to their business spots.

In a statement released by Baloyi on Twitter:

"Nigerians in Kempton park, just decide to pull out chairs and sit in the middle of the pavements, guys Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department is doing raids what is the City of Ekurhuleni doing, that white woman what's she doing?".


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