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SASSA explains what will happen to April, May pending applications for R350 SRD grant

The R350 SRD stipend has now begun to be paid out, however it took SASSA two months to do so. It was announced at the start of the month that SASSA payments will begin in the middle of the month. SASSA payments began on the scheduled date of June 22, 2022. The great majority of June's SASSA R350 recipients have already received their money. Grantees are still unsure of their April and June award payouts.

According to SASSA, they prioritized the processing of June award payments. After everyone has been paid for the two months in question, we will verify if the system has processed the applications. Back pay will be awarded if certain conditions are met. Instead of receiving one large payment, beneficiaries will receive multiple smaller payments each month.

While SASSA recognizes that the two-month delay in award distribution has created difficulty for many, they insist that the delay was required to comply with the Auditor General's mandatory verification process.

They claim to be ready to proceed at this time and to have removed any remaining barriers to getting their grant money. Additionally, they used the platform to caution grantees against engaging in social media activity for fear of falling into a scam.


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