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The Best Cars for Business Drivers

BMW 3 Series 330e

Photo: 24H

The BMW 3 Series is already a great executive saloon, so it makes sense that the plug-in hybrid 330e version is worth shortlisting if you’re after a well-rounded company car. Just like the regular version, it manages to be comfy while also being fun to drive, and there’s a good amount of interior space, too – though do bear in mind that the 330e’s boot is quite a bit smaller than the one on the regular 3 Series, due to the way the battery is stored under the boot floor.

Where the BMW 330e loses ground in the practicality stakes, it claws back some ground with its very low BiK rates of 10%. In comparison, the regular BMW 3 Series’ BiK rates range from 26% to 37%, depending on the spec and what the engine is under the bonnet.

Audi Q5 50 TFSIe Sport

Photo: Audi MediaCenter

It’s hard to pick fault with the stylish and beautifully finished Q5, which is a consummate all-rounder. Spacious, well equipped and oozing premium appeal, the high-riding Audi is the sort of car that slips seamlessly into your life. It’s not much fun to drive, but it’s poised, planted and benefits from quatrro security, plus it’s comfortable and has impeccable long-haul credentials.

The addition of mild-hybrid engines has improved efficiency, but business users are better served by the plug-in hybrids. The 50 TFSIe in Sport trim combines 2.0-litre petrol and electric power for 295bhp and 35g/km emissions, the latter resulting in a 13% BIK rating. If your budget stretches further up the range, bear in mind that the 362bhp 55 TFSIe costs barely any more in tax over an equivalent-spec 50 TFSIe.

Skoda Kamiq

Photo: CarsGuide

Best model 1.0 TSI 95 SE | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 123-132g/km | P11D price £20,710 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2021/22 @40% From £193.29

The Kamiq is a great all-rounder. Comfortable, roomy, economical and well finished, Skoda’s smallest SUV is one of the standard-setters in its class.

Peugeot e-208 Allure Premium

Photo: Select Car Leasing

It’s still rare these days that an all-electric version of a car is more desirable than its combustion-engined counterpart, but that’s exactly the case with the e-208. The standard car’s style, refinement and comfort perfectly match the EV’s near-silent 134bhp motor and effortless, linear acceleration.

Tesla Model 3

Photo: DoanhnhanPlus

The Tesla Model 3 is another EV that could make a great choice as a company car. While it doesn’t have quite the same amount of passenger space the BMW 3 Series, it’s still quite roomy inside and, thanks to the car’s big battery pack, you should be able to cover a good amount of ground before you need to think about charging the Tesla up.

Arguably the Model 3’s big selling point for company car drivers is its very low BiK rates. Because it has zero tailpipe emissions, the Tesla is exempt from any additional company car tax charges for the 2020/2021 tax year, and just a 1% rate will be applied during the 2021/2022 tax year.

Range Rover Evoque (P300e PHEV)

Photo: Xe Hay

There are many plug-in hybrid Land Rovers on sale right now, from the off-road-focused Defender to the plush Range Rover. Of the batch of plug-in Land Rovers, it’s the Range Rover Evoque P300e that should be on your radar if you’re thinking of having a 4×4 as your next company car

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