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OPINION | Petrol price increase is one thing that people are going to stand up against

Petrol Price to increase by 81c a litre from this Wednesday and this will take unleaded 95 and 93 to above 20 rand a litre in Gauteng and inland provinces, this follows the recent massive increase tough times ahead. This has something to do with international dynamics plus our own regulations, regulations has being there for some years. We need government to look into this regulations and remove some. The problem is that this money is already linked to big programs and projects of government of which withdrawal, could lead to job losses to others. The problem we have right now is everyone want a piece of pie in this suffocating economy. No surprise, government needs to implement business friendly reforms and provide policy certainty if we want the rand to strengthen so we can pay less for fuel. Passing meaningful structural reforms could even help to lower taxes, including on fuel. Unfortunately, the necessary reforms are unlikely to be implemented by the ANC, so plenty of pain ahead for SAWe are paying for the looting and destruction in Durban and Joburg earlier this year because the government don’t have money to rebuild the infrastructure, that was vandalised now all of us must pay. Let foreign business owners pay taxes because they get rich in our country while the citizens of the country must suffer. I think the only solution for this mess is to shutdown the country, shutdown airports, shutdown Highways that goes to CBD’s and shutdown all petrol stations. I have been hearing this along for a while and then it came to us as a shock, this is a total rip off we do not have alternative means of transport and rely on our own private transport, we are facing the consequences of the pandemic everyone must be considerate as to how prices are formulated at reasonable rates. We all need to park our cars in the highway and block all roads, it will teach government to stop robbing us

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