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3 Ways fuel price hike can hurt your wallet - Opinion.

World's automobile would have no use if there was no fuel, but at least there's hope since electric vehicles such as Tesla and other are taking this matter seriously.

It is stressful time for all drivers and ordinary people when petrol price goes up, it hurts deep, from your wallet to your stomach. Those who are using electric vehicles can have a relief of gasoline, but they will have to pay more for food since their transportation cost would've gone up.

3 Ways fuel price hike can hurt your wallet:

1. Food - Food are transportation from supplies to the buyers means the buyers will have to pay more. The more they pay there more goods they sell will be expensive.

2. Fuel - If you are driver then there is no escape even if you use airplane as mode of transport, you'll still pay more, and that can affect your monthly budget.

3. Electricity - If the majority of your country electricity is from coal and transported via trucks, then it will directly affect you because of the coal transportation cost.

Imagine your budget being squeezed like a sandwich and ready to be eaten? I hate to live like that.

Leave your comments below and let me know how fuel price hike has affected your wallet.

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