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R350 grant possible extension but this might happen before

The minister of social security development agency lindiwe zulu is determined that the R350 grant Is effective and working to fight poverty in south Africa, during the hardlock down in south Africa.

president Cyril ramaphosa implemented the R350 grant in the system to be able to cover the unemployed people, the effectiveness of the grant created a base for the unemployed people in south Africa to be able to be covered by the government during difficult times.

As the economy in south Africa is still under difficult conditions to grow and to be able to expand for more people to be employed it might not easy.

this is because of the high rate of the unemployed people in South Africa increasing everyday which makes it for the government to be able to decrease the number of the unemployed people in South Africa.

The confidence in the leadership of the country is also affected due to the corruption and reports of state capture report in the country.

many people believe That programmes of the government to create jobs and be able to help the poor by doing job creation programmes might not cover everyone because of the corruption in the country.

This is the reason why the leadership of the country had to allow the state capture report to take place, the reason was to be able to expose the impact of the state capture in the country and to also be able to find a way forward, the way forward include fighting unemployment in the country and also making sure that the corrupt leader's do not have the opportunity to be involved in th r programmes of the government.

As many people are affected in south afrIca, the president Cyril ramaphosa and the deputy president David mabuza and the minister of finance are looking for ways on how the R350 grant will be funded moving forward, a way Will have to be in place for a further extension of the R350 grant after march 2022.

for the grant to be fully extended more measures will definitely have to take place, measures like finding a way to exploit the tax system to be able to cover the unemployed people in south Africa.

As many people are working hard to pay tax to increase the tax might also be a burden to them,as more people qualify for the R350 grant there's a reflection that the beneficiaries of the grant have increased to 10million, according to the state of the nation this is a sign to the government that more people are unemployed and urgent measures are needed to be implemented in order to fight the unemployment gap in south Africa.

The current president Cyril ramaphosa seems to be the person that support the R350 grant to continue as it plays a major role in the lives of the unemployed people in south Africa, this is a sign that the president will be the first one to allow the R350 grant to Continue as many people Need the grant.


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