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HOT: SA Left Speechless As Single Mom Of Two Buys R770,000 Mercedes Benz A35 - See Pics & Reactions

HOT: SA Left Speechless As Single Mom Of Two Buys R770,000 Mercedes Benz A35 - See Pics & Reactions.

In Africa, women aren't rated much or high in the society in fact they do not attain certain stages in life due to the obvious reasons that men seem to occupy major industries and professions. Leaving the scraps for the tough women to fight, with others depending on men for the most of their lifetime.

However over the last few years, the tides are now taking a new turn with women rising in ranks from entertainment to business, to industries and finance, to real estate and crypto currency and most importantly entrepreneurs and innovations. This has given then the opportunity to make certain life choices for themselves, letting them live their best lives.

One of those women who is making waves and taking bull by the horn at the moment is, Gugu Mkhabela, a lady on twitter known as an entrepreneur and a graduate with two certificates to her name. Although nothing points to her having a husband, of which I don't know but she is a proud mother of two boys.

Gugu recently left thousands of South Africans and people from other countries speechless, craving for a life like hers as she celebrates her 30th birthday in the later days of June. This she did spoiling herself with a gift of a new black mercedes A35 worth over $49,000 that's about R770,000.

The price and exoticness of this new machine has gotten tongues wagging with words. Some bad others begging for money and trolling but majority congratulating her. Here are some reactions below;

"Very soon this car will be crossing the border to Mozambique. You buy this car you buy for Tsotsis."

"Did you hear of the New fuel price hike?"

"You are sure destined for great things. And there's more coming."

"I can smell from here! I don't know you and I would like to congratulate you."

"Can I get a ride and a ride."

Source: Twitter

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