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DISTURBING|| Here What Foreigners Were Caught Doing To Food Before They Sell Them, Watch Video


You might think that people who disparage foreign-owned businesses are being discriminatory when they do so. When we were young, our elementary school teachers would tell us that foreign-made treats were unhealthy, but we ignored them.

Most foreign nationals who own businesses don't buy stock from licensed suppliers; they instead make their own reproductions of it. A few years ago, a video of foreign nationals creating their own cold beverages (fake Coca-Cola) in their backyard and pouring them into Coca-Cola bottles was posted online.



There's a video going around on social media showing Indians manufacturing falsified grandpas. We are arguing with people not to check if the drugs they're buying are originals. Because they might consume things that will only make their sickness worse. This video has fostered resentment and animosity toward foreign-owned businesses in Mzanzi.


Another surprising thing is that most foreigners who own a supermarket that sells food buy their home groceries from other certified shops. Why don’t they eat their own food? Well, let’s talk about that some other time. Today there is another disturbing video of foreigners doing the unthinkable to the food before selling it. Watch the video linked below;

In the video, foreigners can be seen packing biscuits in an environment that looks like a bakery. The environment looks so disguising because of how untidy it is, and one of them can be seen stepping on top of the biscuits that they are packaging in order to sell them to us; his hands were creamy because they were stained with filth. Afterward, he licked the biscuit and rubbed it all over his body in a spiteful way, and then put it in the package. They all laughed out loud, showing that this is what they always do.


Now I understand why we were warned not to buy from foreign shops. People were very enraged after seeing this video. Some even vowed that they would never buy anything from foreign shops. See some of the comments below.


This is really misleading. This is why we have diseases that are dominating in foreign countries. The things we eat are not healthy. They sell us dirty things. What are your thoughts on this video? Please leave a comment below.

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