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During Zuma the price of fuel was R13,76 today fuel costs R21.84 per litre, see what SA says

When Cyril Ramaphosa was elected President, the price of petrol per liter was R13,76. Today, South Africans pay R21.84 per liter.

Don’t let the uncaring ANC tax you into poverty support the call to deregulate, cut taxes, and Slash Fuel Prices. 

Zulu said on Twitter that, Any right-thinking person will know that the price of crude oil is determined by global events. It has nothing to do with an individual. That's what you are told by capitalists. Russia has oil at lower prices, which Ramaphosa administration is shunning to access for fear of being referred to as a traitor by his western friends. Remove him with immediate effect. Petrol price also determined by ZAR exchange rate which is also influenced by ANC policies, economic climate, etc. And ANC govt taxes. Bab Zulu, please. Spare us that useless lecture. Petrol has been rising long b4. There was a time when I was taught certain things in economics and rating agencies proven that its bullshit. Forces of market can be paused when agencies want them to pause. And they can be ignored, It was all about individual during Zuma term, but today it has nothing to do with an individual right there.

I agree, the DA's job is to divide blacks to rule them at the end, we are aware of the weakness of the ANC, what we don't need is instructions from baas or misses, re tseba ho inahanela as blacks, and we can take our own decision we are not fools, No, it is also the fuel level, What about Sasol, they refine about two thirds of the petrol out of coal. There is an apartheid agreement that we will pay the higher prize. We do not know if any of the Kaders have a cut. We cannot trust the ANC.


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