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OPINION| Loadshedding will make us move away from coal to solar power

And what seems to corroborate the possibility of sabotage are the recent incidents where employees fail to do certain things and they are then suspended, one can’t shake off the feeling that their actions are deliberate and they are ready to take one for the team in bringing the current President into disrepute, the ANC is just causing this country havoc because their internal squabbles, have unfortunately permeated into the running of the country 

Actually if truth be told if we really properly project managed the build program of Medupi and Kusile we would not be having loadshedfing. We should have gotten at least one more 4500MW power station in much shorter time given the money we spend. But the greatest stealing frenzy in SA history was unleashed. Those two projects have been our demise. Imagine two new power plants being fixed and not giving harf their capacity? What is our current shortfall and compare that to current Medupi and Kusile output vs their actual capacity?There are many people who stand to go to jail due to corruption and those are now willing to drag the whole country down, with them hence I believe this whole mess can be resolved by a corruption truth and reconciliation commission where people voluntary go and fully confess, their "corruption sins" and get forgiven than this destructive obsession with punishing the corrupt whilst destroying the country at the same time. We have done it with the corrupt apartheid murderers and I believe we can do it again with current corrupt people

Also we need to keep in mind the boilers supplied to Medupi and Kusile was locally manufactured by Mitshubishi in SA owned by Patrice Motsepe. Testing and subsequent failure of these boilers showed them to be manufactured below standard as they have never met the criteria, stipulated relating to materials used etc.  Sabotage is a given fact if you keep in mind Eskom employees have been arrested and are aiding in the rampant theft

The maintenance issue enters when we look at the lowered standards the government implemented in training and qualifying people. It is impossible to teach a person all they need to know about any trade during 6 months if that course should last 3 years, and this is happening everywhere. Someone i know works in the agri sector the courses that took him 4 years to complete was now shortened to last 2 weeks. Then those people enter the workplace and they have no idea what they must do. But they have the qualification we must push government and tradeschools to go back to the full courses, and lift the standard so they can roll out competent tradesmen of the highest possible grade

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