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Success doesn't come in a silver platter-"Khanyisa Khosa"

Khanyisa Yvette Khosa, a make up enthusiast and aspiring digital content creator, hails from Malamulele, a small town just a few kilometres away from Giyani. What is a content creator? A content creator in simple terms is a person who collects and shares information with a particular group of people aiming at a desired outcome through sharing the content on different mediums. In this case Khanyisa creates YouTube videos, Instagram TV tutorials and “Reels”. As a content creator, Khosa’s niche is beauty, you know what they say – ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and Khanyisa holds the brush!. She also does make up and sells hair. She has a business account on Instagram that she uses to maintain contact and social media presence so her clients and target market can reach her easily. However, all this is always seasonal based on what is currently in demand or on trend.  

What pushed her to become a beauty Enthusiast and content creator was that growing up, Khanyisa witnessed the financial struggles her family went through for them to get by on a day to day basis. “My mother was a single parent so she would sell products from Avon in order to make ends meet”. This drove Khanyisa into doing business, she realised that there is a need to have a secondary income as you may never know what will and may happen now that would require the use of money immediately, it’s very important to have secondary pools of income. As for content creation, Khanyisa explains that she only realised that she had a passion for it when she went to university and got exposed to the digital world, otherwise she grew up in a space where internet was only used for research, she had no idea that one can actually make a secondary income from the internet. People are under the false impression that success comes in a silver platter, the reality of it all is that it doesn’t come to you like that, it comes with a lot of challenges and difficulties. “The most challenging thing about my beauty business is that people in my current location don’t understand what is put in the business in order to keep it fully functional, as a result I don’t get too many clients especially during normal times of the year”. However this hasn’t stopped her from working hard and establishing her brand.

The burning passion she has for entrepreneurship is what keeps her motivated no matter how tough it her a lot of becomes for her, doing it doesn’t even feel like work but a hobby to her, perseverance gives hope for a great future in terms of achieving her set goals.

"I have quiet a few role models, the likes of Mihlali from South Africa, on an international scale I look up to people like Jackie Aina who is also a content creator, ”Khanyisa Khosa started from zero to hero, if they can do it and so can you"

Content created and supplied by: Young_Mindz_Newz (via Opera News )

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