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" Street vendor R10 vs store R32" People's opinions on which one is the best will leave you confused

Every street corner will have a lady or guy selling vegetables at a lower price than the shops. One could be perplexed as to why the fruit outside the shop is more affordable than the produce inside.

A lady took to Twitter to publish an image of a pack of green paper comparing the prices from a certain shop to a street venda. The shop's standard price for a green paper pack is R33, but the street vendor's price is R10. She went on to explain that according to her calculations, she has saved 22. The lady was pleased that she had not only saved 22 rand but also helped someone on the street, as most people do not buy from street vendors.

A street vendor distributes products from a cart or station at a pedestrian crossing. The primary goal of a vendor is to make money by selling products that people require or desire. These goods are frequently food-related, as these are the easiest permits to obtain.


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