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The Store was closed down by JMPD since the owner could use it as a bedroom.

Mzansi, be aware that JMPD recently close down a Spaza store because the owner was using it as a bedroom.

If there is one industry that needs to be evaluated the most, it should be spaza shops. We frequently see videos on the internet demonstrating how spaza sellers 'fabricate' their own fraudulent things and then cover it up with family trademarks. Grandpa, Coca-Cola, Koo beans, and a slew of other brands come to mind. Some have the desire to sell products that have been discontinued.

This Put Mzansi First initiative appears to have awoken those in higher positions to take the initiative seriously.

The Economic Freedom Fighters recently took action by inspecting the Kream eatery in the Mall of Africa.

JMPD tweeted that they were evaluating a spaza store in Eldorado Park but determined that it didn't match the requirements to be operating. The spaza has indeed been decommissioned. According to JMPD, the following are the reasons: "The owner disobeyed sections 98 and 107 of the Paramedics By-Laws (no fire-dousers, failure to provide the inner format of the premises within 30 days, and using the shop as his room). Food that had gone bad was also removed from the shelves."


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