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OPINION: Bra Sikes want to take over the Maputla supermarket

Bra Sikes wants to take over the Maputla supermarket

Bra Sikes is Noah's dad and it looks like he wants to clean his name by using Meikie Maputla to do it along with Mokgadi. Mokgadi has been working wih her baby dad Bra Sikes since her marriage to Leeto has ended.

Bra Sikes has came for the Maputlas especially Meikie because sh has a dirty laundry and is not afraid of playing with guns. Bra Sikes has visited Meikie Maputla at her supermarket for a business proposal.

Sikes did not say much about what kind of a business he wants with the Maputlas at the supermarket but what could it be other than wanting to own half of the shares to the supermarket or wants to sell illegal drugs to the supermarket. Sikes seems like an opportunist and Meikie had no other way but to accommodate him because she doesn't want to go back to jail.

Will Meikie tell her family about Bra Sikes business proposal?

Leeto is going to be furious learning that Mokgadi is now doing criminal activities with Bra Sikes and knowing that she was married to him it is not going to look good. He is going to be glad that he left his marriage with her.

What could be the purpose of Mokgadi joining Bra Sikes. I mean Mokgadi has a beautiful career or did Bra Sikes maybe blackmailed her because of eveything that he has done for her and Mary Matloga.

In my opinion if Meikie decides to work with Bra Sikes on cleaning his name her family is going to be disappointed at her, i am saying this because she already has done incriminating activities if she gets involved wih this one her family will declare her as a criminal and they will not bail her this time.


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