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You'll not lazy around after seeing youth creating opportunities for themselves.

With unemployment rate going so high the youth is thriving to make ends meet. Most of South African youth are creating various businesses and supporting each other. It's so encouraging to others who are doing nothing.

Various groups across the country are created businesses some even started with a mere R100 some say from nothing at all. In some of these groups they have made the means to gather as they showcase their businesses to support each other by means of advertising. Check out this Facebook page of Mixing talent, music, business with pleasure here following this link:

On another

Phuthi Zwane on Facebook posts to help advertise on businesses started by black.

Lastly check out this page of Kasi Hustlers.

These are not the only there are many more where hustlers encourage each other to start businesses since there are no job opportunities anymore. These innovatives are encouraging and empowering to those who think there's nothing they can do. "local is lekker", so keep on grinding, keep on hustling. Black child you can do this. Are you still gonna lazy around all day after seeing these? If you are still not sure on what to do pages and groups like kasi Hustlers may recommend a few business you can start even from nothing.

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