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Top three proven ways to earn money this year, choose the one you love


Money is a necessity as it can get you things that dream can't buy. You can move from rags to riches within a matter of a couple of millions. It has an influence on our statuses in our families, love lives and community. People with money don't demand respect, they automatically get it from others in need. However, you need to get money for all the right reasons, not to buy people's faces nor happiness. Once you get it, you need to learn how to multiply it. Unfortunately, if you didn't have money before it might be overwhelming for you. Hence some people lose millions by buying useless things that will not be lucrative tomorrow. 

You need to plan for your money before receiving it. Even before you work for it, there must be a vision behind everything that involves your money. You don't want to appear on shows like "I Blew It". Whatever you do with the little money that you have right now, even when you get millions you do the same thing. It's harder to break bad habits about money, please start now and stop spending that cash unnecessarily. As long as you buying essential goods and paying your bills, then all is well. Let's look at three ways you can earn money this year.

1. You can trade your time in exchange for money. You can offer your skills and abilities to a company or business then they'll pay you for services. This included a career - whereby you got to a workplace environment to work and get paid. If you don't work, then you be paid. Then you get side hustles - this is whereby you create businesses that will offer services or products to the public and even other business then they pay you. However, if you're not active then you won't make any money.

2. You can enter into a creative space, whereby you can create something that you can sell or rent out for money. The incredible thing is that this doesn't require a large investment of money most of the times. Here are some examples: you can write a book or ebook, sell photographs, also you can do music - as in being a songwriter, producer and even licence music.

3. Last but not least, you can venture into investments whereby you replace your time or efforts with money. All you're seeking is income-generating opportunities, such as getting int real estate, dividend investing, private loans, businesses you buy into and someone else runs it.

You must be advised that none of these proven ways of earning money will be easy. This isn't a get rich quick scheme, you have to put in the work physically or even research before trying it out.

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Date: 04/03/2021

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