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Company behind this R15-million stadium in Eastern Cape has scored another R41-million tender

The company that is alleged to be behind the controversial R15-million stadium is at it again. This comes after it reportedly landed an R41-million water project tender from another municipality in the same province.

Thalami Civils made headlines a couple of weeks back when it emerged that it was behind the controversial R15-million stadium in the Eastern Cape´s Mgijima municipality.

Amathole municipality is financially struggling but it is reported that it offered a contract to Thalami Civils to handle an R41-million water supply scheme project.

The project which is expected to run for twelve months is expected to help provide the people of Cafutweni with clean water. The tender that was awarded to Thalami Civils raises some eyebrows in that it came when the company had decided to close down some of the deals with about seven ANC-led municipalities that were financially broke.

There are a number of companies that can perform the same work, but only one company seems to be attached to all the work. Many companies qualify to render services but the ANC-led municipalities choose to work with only one company.

The municipality has been struggling to pay the salaries of its 1 670 employees, but it suddenly could afford the water project. One may wonder if it is the stunt by the ANC to score votes in the upcoming elections or not. The elections are a few days away, and the broke community suddenly had millions to spare. Why was the project not initiated way back? Why did the tender have to be given just weeks before the elections? Why was the tender given to one company and not the other companies in the list of qualifying companies?

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