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Wheat products may be expensive due to Ukraine war

Bread, cakes and other wheat dependent products may soon be unaffordable for most people in African countries. Ukraine is the main supplier of Wheat grains and since the war with Ukraine broke, there has not been any exports made to any of the country that Ukraine trades with.

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The focus of Ukraine is currently on tackling the war and get everything settled, which is something that will happen any time soon as the war gets worse by the day.

Ukraine and Russia are the largest producers of wheat and they both have stopped the farming since the war started. Most North African countries such as Egypt and Tunisia depends on importing the wheat from Ukraine and Russia, due to this Ukraine invasion, every country that imports wheat from either Ukraine or Russia will be forced to reduce its imports of wheat with almost 20% as the production may take long to get to its normal state.

Ukraine may not be exporting any wheat as most of it will be used for supporting the war affected civilians.

Source: News24 news

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