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Unexpected || See How Foreigners Take UIF And SASSA Money || See How



Foreigners are finding creative ways to lure out funds in the south African economy and the worse part is that they won't stop till the government opens its eyes. This is because the economy of South Africa will continue to suffer more damage in the hands of foreigners as they are more employed every day than South Africans.

This Is because foreigners don't negotiate than what South African people do as they demand high wages. Foreigners mostly don't know how to negotiate and they accept every wage.

As long they have funds to fund themselves and with now the shocking discovery making a headline. Foreigners are continuing to find ways on how they benefit from the Unemployment Insurance Funds and SASSA money as south African fold their hands.

The life of South African will always be bad as more politicians in this country are behind the wrong people of which they are regarded as foreigners.

This is because Julius Malema said that he doesn't want to see his brothers going to bed with an empty stomach. This then leaves an open wound to the people of South Africa as they are forced to be subjects.

It is always sad that the people of this country will suffer more fate due to the undermining done by the government. This is because the South African Unemployment Insurance Funds have been swept under the carpet by foreigners who continue to invade the process.

This process is what causes south African people not to receive their monies as it has been reported that there are people who haven't received their UIF money as their foreign managers didn't contribute.

This is not yet known what could have made the foreign managers neglect such an issue before the country was rock bottom by the pandemic. This is evident that the pandemic had cost a lot of South African jobs.

What is your intake on this and why?

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