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" It hasn't been an easy ride, but I'm grateful almost there"

There's nothing wrong celebrating something although is not yet done, people do that everyday. By doing that it show that you have accepted that what you are doing is a good thing. A lady from Kwa Zulu Natal province decided to share her house although there more needs to be done but she can’t wait to see her house complete,

she went on to say it was not an easy journey but at least now she can see some of results of hard work. We all know that we are still in pandemic and since last year prices has increased that lead us spending more money we don’t have, the prices has not increased on food and clothes has increased also on materials. So finding yourself being able to build a house, you should be proud of yourself and just know that you have just jump the most step many people are finding difficult to cross. What the lady did was amazing, it will inspire many women out there that everything is possible.


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Kwa Zulu Natal


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