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The Price of these two things are set to rise soon. Here's how to prepare.

Unfortunately, while many South Africans are living in poverty and are struggling to make ends meet, things may get worse for these people soon. South Africans are set to see the price of two essential things rise in the coming months. Here are all the details and how to prepare.

Fuel :

While the price of fuel us already quite high, there is a good chance it will rise again soon. This will happen because of rise in oil prices, sadly the price of fuel will raise sooner rather than later as experts predict it may happen in February.

Electricity :

However even if you don't drive a vehicle, you may still be paying more money for electricity. It's been confirmed that Eskom has asked to increase their price of electricity by 20.5 percent. If it goes through than this price raise will take place in early April.

How to prepare :

While these price raises are unfortunately, there seems to be nothing we can do but prepare for it. So here are some ways to do so.

For fuel price increases, you may want to consider not using your car and instead use public transport to save you money. However if you are adamant on using your own vehicle, than you can start a lift club to work, with each person contributing to your fuel. If you do this, remember to charge a little extra to each person's contribution to cover wear and tear on your vehicle.

For Electricity price increases, consider using your personal devices for entertainment instead of television sets. You can easily charge your phone in your car while driving. For cooking purposes you can also buy a gas stove, to cook without electricity. These tips can help you save some money on your electricity bill.

What do you think of these observations and tips, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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