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KFC and Ford are in for a rough week because of this, they love gossip.

It has been a roller-coaster day as there has been a lot happening in the early hours as Bonang Matheba opened a space and then a few companies were seen logging in and listening to the story that Bonang was explaining. She had a statement to give to the public has she said she will go onba space life to explain some of the stuffs which is troubling her. On the live space Kfc and Ford company was seen joing the space and listening so people stopped focusing on what bonang was saying.

As you know mzansi makes fun of the little things eventually it will subside and people will even forget that bonang opened a space and then ford and kfc joined. Here is a post that was busy trending about kfc.

On the caption it was written that kfc stopped frying chicken just to listen to Bonang matheba space as she was busy explaining about a company that she has just stopped working for.

It has been a rough afternoon but now kfc and ford are the ones trending because the two companies stopped what they were doing just to listen to bonga space here is a screenshot of the two companies as they were seen as listeners to Bonangs Space.

After that a few comments came up here are the screenshots of the comments from twitter take a look.

Source :Twitter social media platform

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