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R350 SRD APRIL and MAY Status Finally Approved with Pay Dates - See proof below

Funds for Social Relief of Distress applicants were kept waiting for a very long time. Many people's suffering and hunger will be eased. It is now official that SASSA is releasing monies.

The South African Social Security Agency has confirmed that payments will start rolling in shortly (SASSA). According to the available data, the R350 Public Reprieve of Distress payment may have already been disbursed to some recipients.

Many people shared screenshots of their wire transfer confirmations on social media shortly after they were received. People in South Africa were similarly worried about when the start of the year's money would arrive.

According to SASSA, delays are being eliminated right now. However, a different user reported that he was approved in April 2022 and encouraged others to do the same.

Please visit to verify your application status.

An SASSA recipient just recently sent a touching note to say that she had gotten a double dividend for the months of April and May.

Perhaps SASSA made a mistake with her transaction, or perhaps they reevaluated the issue of banning double payments that has many South Africans waiting for the Second Coming of Christ.

If the current practice of making multiple payments is maintained, the payment backlog will be erased quickly and more receivers will be paid on time.

Should we wait until SASSA determines whether or not anyone who received double payments today did so inadvertently?

As a reader, what are your thoughts on the subject? Do you think it's fair that this person is getting paid twice?

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