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“Wonders Shall Never End” This Man Bought Yam In The Market But See What Was Given To Him

There is a famous saying in Nigeria that says, “Wonders shall never end” meaning that problems, challenges and weird obstacles won’t ever stop. There are some fruits that grows weirdly out of shape making it look awful but it’s the same food. An example of that explanation above is this yam which looks like that of a human feet.

A rare picture of a tuner of yam was posted on the social media platform Twitter by one of the platforms users “Royalgeeklord”. He posted the photo asking if it was safe to eat the tuber of yam and if anyone could check the peradventure of the yam if it’s good. The post has gotten a lot of reactions concerning the yam.

The rare picture of the yam appears like a that of a human being’s foot and got it got some people talking and suggesting that the yam should not be eaten as it could be is someone ancestor’s foot.

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