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How to double your R350 SRD grant, Three methods that could work. Opinion

The SRD grant is something that many people deeply appreciate. In a Country where poverty and unemployment is so rampant, people will take any help they can get. The problem is that it's not enough for most households. R350 can only go so far, especially when food is so expensive. Which is why in this article I will outline three ways in which you can double your SRD grant.

Start a small farm :

While I suggest chickens, your farm can be anything you want it to be. Buy inexpensive farm animals that are in high demand and start farming and breeding them. You can acquire a large amount of livestock and double or even triple your R350 in a matter of months and it's only up from there. As animals continue to breed you will eventually own a large amount of livestock and have a fully functional business.

Rent speciality products :

Using your R350 as a budget you can buy products meant for special occasions and rent them out. Their are many things that people hire for functions, like cutlery and chairs and you can buy a few of these things and start to rent them out. This will both provide you with a small business and assets in the form of products.

Buy and sell products online :

Using thrift shops, second hand shops or just buying things for cheap from your neighbours, you can acquire many in demand products. You can than resell these products to people online using popular market places like Facebook. If you are good at negotiating you may be able to double or triple your intiak R350 investment.

While the R350 the government gives you may not be much, if you use it in the right way you may be able to double it or even turn it into an entire lifestyle. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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