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Good news for motorists as AA makes prediction

These are surely go news for motorists as the news about an expected fuel price drop are released. September is expected to be the happiest month for fuel customers mainly motorists.

The AA has predicted a drop in the price of fuel, this price decrease is said to be a significant one as it is based on the current unaudited middle of the month data that is from the central energy fund.

It is expected that fuel price will drop by R2.45 on 93. While diesel is to drop by R2.60. paraffin to drop by R2.00. This is the whole sale price of these fuel types and is still a rough estimate made by the AA .

The association made this prediction after determining that this time there are no refunds that are made to the general fuel levy, this was the case previously and we ended up seeing prices take a significant hike.

The number one influence on these prices is the rand power and international oil prices. When the rand gets strong and the oil prices get lower, fuel has to decrease. But when the rand is weaker and the oil prices go high, they influence a rise in the price of Petrol and diesel.

However, this Is only Md month data analysis and could still change as the economy is unpredictable. Adjustments are yet to be made as well for September.

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