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Fuel Increases: From Wednesday, Drivers Will Have To Pay R27 Per Litre.

As if the country's situation wasn't already awful. Food prices have risen, and gas prices have risen, causing public transportation to boost its fares. The going is about to get considerably more difficult than it is currently.

In Gauteng, a litre of 95 petrol will cost R26.74 from Wednesday. This is 54% more than a year ago, when it cost R17.39.

Paraffin prices will increase by R1.66 a litre, while the maximum LPGas retail price will fall by R2.18/kg

Gas prices in the United States will climb again in July. Only the price of LPGas at the pump is expected to fall on Wednesday. Gasoline, diesel, and paraffin prices will all skyrocket.

On, Gwede informed us about scheduled events this week. He projected that fuel prices in South Africa would rise in July. As a result of the price rises, drivers should expect to spend more than R26 per litre beginning Wednesday, July 6.


Petrol (both 93 ULP and LRP): 237.00 c/l increase; Petrol (both 95 ULP and LRP): 257.00 c/l increase;

Increase of two hundred and thirty one cents per litre (231.00 c/l) for diesel with 0.05 percent sulphur; increase of two hundred and thirty cents per litre (230.00 c/l) for diesel with 0.005 percent sulphur.

Illuminating Paraffin (wholesale): increase of 166.00 c/l; SMNRP for IP: increase of 210.00 c/l;

Maximum LPGas Retail Price: decrease by 218 cents per kilogram (218.00 c/kg);

A gallon of 93 fuel currently costs R24.94, whereas a gallon of 95 gasoline costs R25.17. They will be more expensive at midnight on Tuesday after the price increases on Wednesday.

It will be difficult to buy a car in South Africa now. It will also be more difficult to keep our lights on. Because we are in load shedding stage 6, we rely on gasoline and diesel generators to keep the lights on. How will we fill our generators if the fuel is so expensive?

In order to help South Africans during the spike in gas prices in April, May, and June, the government cut the gasoline charge by R1.50 per litre. In July, this help will only be worth 75 cents, and in August, it will no longer be available at all.

"The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Mineral Resources jointly announced a temporary reduction in the general gasoline tax of 75 cents per litre due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine situation, which has affected fuel prices globally. Up until August 3, 2022, the petrol and diesel price structures will reflect this." According to the DMRE, on Monday.

The invasion of Ukraine in February has triggered an oil price shock. Russia is the world’s third-largest producer of crude oil, and it has been locked out of Western markets, pushing oil prices higher.

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