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De Ruyter Eskom CEO says he need more time to fix load shedding after his 5 years in office

The plan is to make Municipalities like Cape Town to move out of Eskom & get City Power off Eskom too so the institution can permanently be paralysed by De Ruyter & Ramaphosa. In this way Renewable IPPs can be justified no matter the cost.

The bias media is trying so hard to spin De Ruyter’s mess there by Eskom. Truth is we’re having load shedding which the black executives ended while at the helm. No amount of propaganda will change that. The man’s a failure.

Shame! Paul Mashatile is busy telling Justice Malala on eNCA that Andre de Ruyter will fix loadshedding. He says we should give him time because he’s still new.

Tell Mantashe he is useless De Ruyter got billions in investments 12 months ago To invest and breech the 3500MW immediate shortage to stop loadshedding.The bid windows delayed 18 months Nersa not licensing Blah blah 3500Mw could have been in the grid already.

The problems should have been identified by de Ruyter as soon as soon as he came in. 5 years on a journalist and not eskom is saying he has identified eskom’s source of problems. This is a joke. Bayadlala. They think we cannot see what they are playing at these racists.

This article aim is to justify Andre De Ruyter incompetence, to excuse it, distract South Africans from De Ruyter's incompetence, glad he reported to Ombudsmen, thuggery Journalists.

I'm glad people are seeing through your BS. What you're trying to do won't erase the fact Andre de Ruyter has brought us the worst loadshedding ever.

Andre de Ruyter is still incompetent and loadshedding has worsened under his watch. You can't blame that on the person who ENDED LOADSHEDDING!

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