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Mzwanele Manyi Warns Ramaphosa On Borrowing The R11.4 Billion From The World Bank || See Why



The people of South Africa have been wondering and thinking about why are the African National Congress leaders always borrowing money from loan sharks every time there is a crisis in South Africa. This is because it is for the second time in the presidency of Ramaphosa happening as he claims that the money will be used for the economic recovery.

This is because a lot of things have changed how the economy performs as the numbers are no longer going up like before as the pandemic attacked the country and together with the economy. The country had planned that they will resolve all the problems that are hindering the country in the year 2022 and this decisive action taken speaks a lot.

The spokesperson of the Jacob Zuma foundation Mzwanele Manyi warns Ramaphosa about the issue of always borrowing money from the world bank. This is because the amount of money that he has currently borrowed will leave the country suffering from the future problems that Ramaphosa will fail to solve.

Mzwanele Manyi also suggested that Ramaphosa should have not decided to borrow money from the world bank but should have asked the South African reserve bank and the PIC for financial assistance. This tells a lot about why he didn't think about the borrowing company in the country as the South African economy has never made a profit.

Cyril Ramaphosa plans to use the money to recover the economy by creating skills for the youth to acquire as the majority of them are not working. He must also use some of the money to create investment in the country by building a commercial business and more state enterprises for the economy to pick up its rocks.

What is your intake on this and why?

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