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Opinion: unemployment in South Africa increases

According to Stats of SA, South Africa’s unemployment rate increased by 1,7 percentage points to 32,5% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the 3rd quarter.

Source: bb breaking_news/newsroom_page43

Unemployment really affects mental. It's not easy being young and unemployed as your friends progress.

Stop looking at friends focus on your life and stay in your lane period if you have never been unemployed you won’t understand the pain of sitting at your shack hustling with your degrees or qualified artisan.

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Discouragement can creep in. We know that the worst you can get is a NO, but enough NOs in a row can leave you on the floor.

You think of the sleepless nights, the stress you had in Varsity after failing a module, you just do everything to graduate in Time only to find out Unemployment is waiting for you and if you had money you were going to stay in School until you get a PhD.

Job creation is not a problem, old clingy people are and illegal nationals also.Old people don't wanna move, they are still working at 89 years yet the employment law says one can work till 60, and if late and needed then until 65. Grannies and Grandpas should take their cheques and leave.

Source: bb breaking_news/newsroom_page4

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