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Opinion - ANC made land issue difficult when it is easy.

16 MAY 2022.

ANC made land issue difficult when it is easy. Bringing back to the world does not need a civilian war because it has to be done by the government. It doesn't need citizens to be the ones taking land from white people. It needs legislations and paper work. When white people are against the soldiers not the terrorists. There's a way to take the land that won't make the country lose food. Farm land is still paid by banks. There are loans taken by farmers. First thing to finish land ownership by individuals. The fact that there should be claims is dangerous because the real owners can be killed and there is a lot of land that won't come back if it's returned like that. The world is not for sale no matter what. Stop the dangerous tiles for the poor.

And when you come back you don't go back to the individual because the world was for the Lord. You don't get back to the nations you were taken from. The whole world is back to trust built nations that were taken away. Then those who bite it can be shaken but they should not pay loans in the bank because they no longer belong to banks. And it doesn't work anymore but there is permission to occupy or lease agreement. Whites can be taken away but pay trust instead of paying bank loans. Owners of the land have received monthly income which should be paid by even generations. Lease agreement should allow trust owners to use it anytime they want to.

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