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Opinion: Booming Businesses That Everyone Should Consider.

Booming Businesses That Everyone Should Consider.

- Be A Vendor At The Stadium

If you are interested to sell your products at the stadiums, you need register with your local municipality so that they put you on their database as a stadium vendor.

As a vendor you can sell food, football regalia and drinks at the stadium during PSL matches or any other event taking place.

Your local municipality will inform you on weekly or monthly basis whenever there's an event taking place at the stadium.

- Reusable Nappies For Babies

Another lucrative business you can consider starting, is of selling eco-friendly reusable nappies for babies.

These eco-friendly reusable nappies are going to help many young and old mothers who cannot afford to buy pampers every day.

- Start Your Own Nail Salon Business

A nail salon is one of the profitable small business ideas. It is one business you can start with less than R1000. The demand for manicure services is high since women want to look beautiful and attractive.

If you have skills in manicure, this is a business you should start thinking of. You can opt to run a mobile or a fixed location manicure business.

To make it in this business, you need to identify a good business location with high foot traffic. You can target places near malls, colleges, taxi ranks, libraries etc.

- Start Your Own Trailer Rental Business

Many motorists in the townships and suburbs will need to rent a trailer time to time to move large items that won’t fit in their cars, like furniture, livestock, rubbles, etc.

Does making trailer rental a very viable and profitable business with a large number of regular and new customers who realise the benefits of hiring as opposed to buying a trailer.

You will need to buy 2 or 3 roadworthy trailers, register them with department of transport, put trackers and then place them on side of the busy main road where your potential clients can see them.


The way you see yourself is not the way God sees you. Many times we doubt ourselves because we think what we have or who we are is not enough.

Don't underestimate yourself the God who created you knows that you can overcome that challenge, your can run that business and you can achieve that vision.

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