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Watch: Capitec Left People In Stitches After They Noticed This On His Card


Capitec is the top digital bank in South Africa, with over 6.9 million digital banking customers. Through our revolutionary banking system, Global One, you can conduct transactions, save money, and get loans from the comfort of your own home.


Capitec is one of the most used banks in Mzanzi. Many people, especially students, prefer it because they claim that it has better charges than other banks. One thing that Capitec users are well aware of is that they are always on a saving plan. No matter how long the line is on the Capitec ATM, they will never withdraw money from other ATM’s. Just a week ago, there was a trending photo of Capitec users in a long line at a Capitec ATM while there was an empty ATM next to them. Indeed, they are loyal to their bank.


One thing about bank users is that when it comes to replacing their old cards, they pull their legs. You will find a person using an old damaged card just because they don’t want to pay fees for making a new card. They’d rather use an old broken card instead.



Following that, another Capitec person left people in stitches after they noticed that his card was half broken but he still didn’t want to replace it. There’s a video trending that was shot by someone who was next to him on the line. Even the cashiers were surprised to see the type of card this guy was using. Watch the video below:


After this video was posted, many people were left in stitches. Some even attested that their cards were broken too, but they didn’t want to replace them because it’s expensive. Indeed, you can’t separate Capitec users from saving. They even support each other, saying it’s only the chip that matters. Some were even surprised because these black cards were introduced not so long ago, but this guy has already broken it. See some of the comments from social media below.




Making a new card should be free for the first 3 times because no one can break their card intentionally. I don’t see anything wrong with the guy’s card. As long as it’s shipping, that’s all that matters.


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